Healing the body

This therapy focuses on healing the physical body.
It clears old patterns / memories from the cellular memory of the physical body for e.g. emotional stresses, old injuries, past-life memories & illness patterns that are causing physical stress, pain & discomfort in the here & now. The body can then realign itself to harmony & health.

The therapy uses dowsing and specialised healing charts, the work is guided by the clients Higher-Self (wisdom). It is very complementary to Spiritual Response Therapy.

Sessions are offered as long distance work and coordinated by telephone consultations or individual appointments to attend in person. A session lasts 1 1/2 - 2 hours. The time is decided on booking with follow-up sessions if required.

History and Development

"SRT" was developed and is constantly evolving through the inspiration of Robert Detzler who also founded the Spiritual Response Association. Robert was a Unity Church Minister and wanted to be able to help more, the people crying out for help in his community. This inspired work has helped thousands of people worldwide to lead healthy fulfilling lives.

More information on the Spiritual Response Association USA see www.spiritualresponse.com. Books on SRT can also be purchased via their website. Notably - The Freedom Path, Soul Re-Creation, Spiritual Healing.

www.spiritualresponsetherapy.org.uk See English website listing of Teachers, courses etc throughout the UK.