Group Sessions

“In 2001, during my therapy session, I became impressed with sounds and songs to sing to my client. They came as a heart-to-heart response that was evoked by the people I met. I love to share this gift with individual groups.”

This work comes from an ancient tradition where the healers entered into a meditative state tuning into a person's soul journey and needs.

In response to this came intuitive songs, rhythms, words or pure sound; the "healing song medicine".

The intention remains constant to remind people of their purpose, truth and beauty; to heal, affirm and celebrate the spirit in everyday life.

“It gave me the confidence to pursue what I know inside to be true. Don't worry about how it works, or why it works. Time will give you those answers. The important thing is, it works.”

“What can I expect if I attend one of these group sessions?”

Generally Bridget meets with 12, max 14, people in a group who are open to these ideas and they begin with a quiet meditation. She explains details about the Soul Songs such as she has written above. Each person is invited to reflect inwardly on their own life and life questions. Bridget then sets the intention for the group and asks Source to inspire her with an intuitive soul song message for each person. She does not ever need to hear the question outwardly and in the silent supportive atmosphere she moves from each person in turn giving them their own unique response/soul song.

In practice the song message often contains spoken words, sung words, sometimes as rhymes and also sound healing/tuning specifically for that person. The most common way Bridget hears people describe the experience is that it’s like hearing a loving friend or mother creating a sense of safety, love and wellbeing for their child. The sessions complete in silence. Bridget then leaves space for anyone to share their own responses if they choose, and completes the session with a group sound or silence depending on what feels most appropriate at the time.

For larger numbers of groups, the soul song would be a smaller group message rather than an individual one, or she might be guided to sing individually to certain people in the group.

For more details, or to book a Soul Song group session, please contact Bridget directly to discuss details.

(Please note that these sessions are for entertainment purposes only)