If you do the 'clearing; and life is a classroom won't this be too easy - aren't you taking away my opportunity for learning?
No, firstly the Higher Self does the clearing, it works within Spiritual Law and with Spiritual Wisdom. What our soul determines to experience we will experience e.g. a Doctor who as 'chosen' at soul level to learn about cancer by dying of this illness.

There are many ways to learn - suffering is only one of them! Once you have 'cleared with SRT', you can travel more lightly and let go of the belief, "it's too easy". Changing your thoughts creates a new experience of life.

Will the old "stuff" you've cleared come back?
No, what's cleared is cleared. Sometimes there is a little more work to do, another layer of the onion to clear. What's cleared is cleared.


However you are responsible for what you are creating with your conscious mind in present time. Self-help techniques and support for self-healing is included in the feedback following your SRT clearing.

Is SRT open to everyone
Yes, it works beyond the polarities of religion, race or creed.

How will I know it's worked?
Most people report a feeling of lightness, of a burden having lifted - an experience of detachment from old emotional issues. The work will work anyway but sometimes takes a little longer for the benefits to filter down to this level.

How should I prepare for the clearing?
A simple prayer of intention, mentioning any specific issues you choose to resolve is beneficial. In order to do the clearing I will ask for some basic details about you - plus any specific issues in your life that you wish to resolve. How clearing works is priorities by your Higher Self. I do not require a long biographical history in order to do the work.

How will I feel during or after the clearing?
Some people will experience mild physical sensations during the clearing - their presence is not a measure of the effectiveness of the work. Afterwards most people feel calmer, you may feel temporarily tired or very energised. The energy of "you" settles within a few days in my experience.

How do I follow-up the session?
Listen to your own needs. Realise that profound change happens within a short period of time.

Remember to refer to yourself in positive ways, leave the past behind and bring your wisdom forward. Pay attention to consciously changing old habits and behaviour.

Take any other support you may require to move on in life. SRT can complement orthodox and complementary healthcare very well - further SRT clearing e.g. for body healing and specific issues can be offered if required.

Take time to stay connected with your Higher Self e.g. prayer, meditation on a daily basis. Your higher self is your greates teacher and healer.

Self-Help and SRT Training

If you are keen to learn and grow come and learn how to use SRT directly to help yourself and others. See SRT course section.