Bridget uses musical tuning forks and gentle vocal sounds for healing.
Tuning forks
Treatments are generally deeply relaxing, clearing static energy and stress from the body and auric field.

As the body "hears" the healing sounds it naturally realigns with the frequencies of health.

The benefits of sound healing include;-
What can a Client expect at a treatment?

Generally, the Client can be tuned fully clothed and in either a sitting or lying position.

A simple history is taken to ensure that a Tuning Fork treatment is suitable for the Client. Generally, Tuning Forks are gentle and very safe to use. However, a few cautions exist and need to be excluded; these can be checked at time of booking.

Sessions last 1-1.5 hours by arrangement.

Available in Lewes near Brighton on a monthly basis and Banchory near Aberdeen. A free 10 minute consultation is offered to discuss details.

To make life simple, most of the therapy consultations are available by phone or Skype and distance is no object. The work is designed to empower you in transforming your life.

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