The therapist uses dowsing and specialised charts of Mind, Body & Spirit to connect with the client's own deeper wisdom (Higher Self) to clear negative energies and patterns from the Soul Records, Sub-Conscious Mind and Cellular Memory of the physical body.

A pendulum is used by the therapist (as a pointer). It is a way, using specific disciplines, of bypassing the conscious mind and translating communications from the Higher Self via minute muscles which cause the pendulum to move and identify areas on the charts.
Movements of the dowser
The pendulum itself has no power, it merely carries the message in the same way we use a pen to convert thoughts into writing on the paper. The system is set up so that the pendulum can indicate three specific responses, i.e. a yes response, a no response and circular movement when the clearing and healing is taking place.

Scientific studies reveal that the brainwaves of dowsers and the balance in their brains are extremely similar to eastern yogis or those who have practiced meditation for many years. It is a process of bringing the intellect into line with the inner guidance, called by some High Self.


In addition to using simple yes / no responses, SRT practitioners use a series of charts. The charts look something like the one below, which has been drawn purely for illustrative purposes.

SRT ChartThe Charts cover many aspects of body, mind and soul life. They enable us to research challenges / problems including information that the client may not be aware of but is affecting them from the sub-conscious mind. The good news is that not only are these patterns identified by the Higher Self but that they can actually be removed and then no longer cause negative effects i.e. problems in daily life.

The therapist acts as a postman / woman. The actual healing work is done by the Higher Self.

How Long Does a Session Take?

A basic clearing session including feedback takes an average of 1.5 hours. This includes time to take your basic details, reasons for requesting support and a brief feedback session following the work. In general the work is done at a distance and is co-ordinated by telephone consultations. Follow up sessions: if required, are arranged and time allowed according to your specific needs.

The clearing work literally clears space in your mind / body, like removing old files on your computer, it then becomes the clients responsibility to make conscious mind changes - to be aware of how they are thinking and creating in present time. Self-help suggestions are included in your feedback session.