Taster Workshops and Networking with the Angelic Kingdom

AngelI remember the security that prayer gave me as a child and the sense of support and encouragement that I had an invisible 'friend' walking beside me no matter what!

The Angels are 'messengers of God' they support us through our thoughts, emotions and actions - they oversee many levels of creation and "communicate with us through light, colour, sound, aroma, harmony" - helping us to stay connected to spirit.

If you need help ask the Angels to support you - a simple clear request is all that's required, answers will come, not always in the form you expect so ask to be able to recognise the messages as they arrive, to be open to the guidance!

Bridget presents Angelic Workshops to support the passage of our lives through the changing seasons & rythms of the year.

Time to reflect and prepare for the season ahead - each season brings unique doorways and opportunities for growth: the connection with the Earth and Nature.

It is also a time to meet old friends, make new ones and share our resources.

See dates on the calendar of events.