Course content

- Pre-Course Study – 3 hours prior to attending the module.

- Course Module - Total of 18 hours tuition, including ongoing assessment and multiple-choice question paper based on the pre-course study requirement and material taught during the module. This is reviewed together on the day with the intention of identifying and addressing any gaps in the student’s knowledge.

- Case Studies – A minimum of 5 Clients (2 of which must be neither family members nor friends).

For the certificate you are required to carry out a minimum of 16 tuning sessions in total, lasting a minimum length of 1 hour. On completion of each session, you are then required to write up a simple Case Sheet and Study for submission in order to complete the training, i.e. for each session you complete, 1 hour is allowed for the tuning and 1 hour for writing up the session, giving a total for your Case Studies of 32 hours. Case Studies to be submitted within 6 months of completing the course.


Subject to satisfactory completion of the course, a Basic Certificate in Sound Healing will be awarded.

Please ensure that you have a First Aid Certificate updated in the last 2 years.

In the event of the student failing any part of the Certificate process, tuition can be offered via Skype/in person as the person may be encouraged to repeat the course in order to gain Certification.

The Tutor reserves the right to withhold the qualification if for any reason they judge the student unfit for practice. A Certificate is given following satisfactory completion of the training.

For more details please contact Bridget directly.