Who do you see and how do you choose to be?

What are you consciously or unconsciously creating in your life?

You can make new choices and create new results

Recreation is the intention of this work. A core resource of Sound Healing, Self-Help and Practitioner Trainings, Spiritual Discovery and Soul Support for Life Transitions. The work is complemented by leading-edge therapies and Coaching.

A source of inspiration for empowering you to tap into the bigger picture of your life and deeper wisdom, to create a new life or life experience.


Change Your Frequency to Change Your Life

“Come and Learn to Fly above the Clouds”

Energy medicine is a term commonly used to define this approach to healing; we are energy beings. Each person has a unique sound frequency or soul note, and all living things have a unique frequency. The entire physical universe is built on harmonic sound and divine geometry – from this understanding, Health is represented by Harmony.

We naturally resonate, consciously or unconsciously, with people, places, emotions and belief systems on a similar frequency. The times of challenge and transition in our lives can be seen as Life inviting us on to a higher octave - a new level of living.

We can change our lives profoundly by consciously tuning to a higher or different frequency which in turn changes our resonance, our health and the situations we attract to our outer lives. In this way, we create a new life or life experience for ourselves. Fundamentally, all therapies are based on the principle of changing your frequency to change your life. This work takes that concept and, through that, stimulates a student’s own inner knowing to translate that into understanding how Life works. It is as though, through the understanding of sound, we can realise a map for living.

Consider how you use language. An expression such as “It rings true”, “Sound it out”, or “I resonate with that” – it’s as if an understanding of resonance lies deep within our being waiting to be remembered.

Does this sound true to you?