Sound Healing with Musical Tuning Forks

Sound Healing Traing
Bridget is an amazing teacher and healer. I thoroughly enjoyed learning SRT with Bridget and also attended her tuning forks seminar which was amazing, and I incorporate both modes of healing within my own practice as a complementary therapist. Bridget's medical background, her intuitive abilities, and connection to Spirit make her a wonderful teacher and powerful healer.

J.B. – East Sussex (Therapist)

Sound Healing for Health
Felt tingling in my ovaries and feeling of realigning. Felt energy being pulled out of my head very gently and cold area across my back then tingling all over back. Feel really composed.

JH - Forres

Sound Healing Training
I have waited years to do this course with Bridget. It has delivered everything and more than I expected. I am leaving confident in my ability to use my new tools, immediately!!

S.O.G. – Tipperary, Ireland

Sound Healing Training
Life changing course – I hope that I can put this Tuning Fork material to use – and set up my own practice. It gave me the tools/techniques to go out and start working with the Tuning Forks.

T.C. – Limerick, Ireland

Soul Songs
The gentle impact of your voice leaves my energy totally revitalised, uplifted and feeling inspired. I am left in wonderment as to how you "tune in" to what has been going on in my life and bring it back to me in song, through your divine guidance. Your work is so very unique, a gift, I feel blessed to have experienced it.

A.K. - England

Sound Healing Training – comments from training in Ireland (submitted anonymously)
♣ Enjoyed all of the content of the course, handouts excellent. V. understanding Bridget, loved your attention to us and the detail and always seemed to make time.

♣ I found the whole course to be fantastic. The most helpful aspect, at the moment for me, is the self-help clearing technique. Loved the way you went back over things so I felt I was learning by osmosis – or vibration! Loved every minute of it – G.

♣ Very good, easy to learn…I feel I have a deeper knowledge already from the weekend. Very tangible course.

♣ Notes were excellent, Bridget was excellent, a fabulous fun, brilliant instructor. This course exceeded all my expectations.

♣ Tutor is so wise and experienced – M.D.

♣ Enjoyed interaction with class and getting to work with partner during course, receiving and giving treatments. Course material easy to follow and tutor communicates very well with class, explains detail in a simplistic manner while always engaging class in modules. Amazing course, the power of tuning the body’s energy is so vital to me.

♣ Course material was of good quality and nicely bound. I really found it easy to learn and take in and remember the course material. Bridget, you have a wonderful way of teaching, many thanks for all your help.

♣ Excellent teacher, great way to learn. Thank you Bridget.

♣ Methods shown by Bridget gave me the confidence to apply them immediately to incorporate into my craniosacral treatments. 80% of the comprehensive course very hands on. I have extensive experience of other courses and this is not the norm. – N.C.